Modern Survivalist Philosophies

11 02 2009

Ok, I have recently been looking at the world around me and asking myself what if?  What if the power supply was disrupted for any length of time?  What if the dormant volcanoes surrounding the place I call home suddenly burst into life again?  What if this Global Recession actually exposes the lie that is most currencies around the world and what would become of us if paper currency suddenly became worth less than the paper it was printed on? What if? And how would I get through? What would I do if confronted with any of these or other what if scenarios?

There are many more what if scenarios I could think about but this short list scared me enough to begin searching…. Searching for others who were thinking along these same lines.  What I found was descriptions of groups who call themselves Survivalists or Preppers.  Of these there was such a huge spectrum of philosophies and ideas ranging from conspiracy theorist tin foil hat type paranoia to the “lets just store a little extra food and water” typical of government sanctioned sites.

One of the better sites that I have found is by Jack Spirko.  He has been running an almost daily podcast since July ‘08 and he makes a lot of sense.  Its not all about bunkering down if the s&#t hits the fan, the tagline is “helping you to live a better if things get tough, or even if they dont” and he does make a lot of sense.

There is so much more for me to look into and I will probably be posting some more of my thoughts and findings on this subject once I get my head around how it all applies to me and my family.  Till another time…


Update on Windows 7 Beta Availability – Windows 7 Team Blog – The Windows Blog

10 01 2009

Update on Windows 7 Beta Availability – Windows 7 Team Blog – The Windows Blog.

Ok,  I have copies of the 32bit and 64bit versions but no keys… there are several sites out there claiming to have access to the keys but none works.  Lets just hope that the 2.5 million keys dont run out before I get mine.

Update 1:

Well I got my keys…  I cant see that the windows 7 site is live just yet but the Key Servers look like they are.  Login in to a site such as this and then go to these two sites for the keys.

Israeli Ground Offensive Possible?

29 12 2008

After two days of Israeli forces bombing Hamas controlled Gaza many are starting to speculate on when, not if, Israel will launch a ground offensive.  The scary thing is what this could mean for the overall stability of the entire region with many arab people growing increasingly agitated at these attacks.

Could this be the start of a downward spiral into global instability not seen since WWII.  If not handled correctly I fear that this could very well be what we are facing.

Lets get started…

29 12 2008

First of all, who am I?  Thats a hard one… I could say what I do for crust, project manage the deployment of telecommuncations equipment, or what my name is, Richard, or a variety of other things that define a part of who I am and what I do.  But that isn’t really who I am, not fully anyway.  If you want to get a bit more of a glimpse into the basics of who I am then have a look at the about page (when it has been updated anyway).

As for a more detailed insight into who am then that is where this site comes in… I will be writing about various things that excite me, some things that puzzle me, but above all things that interest me.